Using the Photo Display Options

Viewing the galleries on full screen and as a slide show

To view the photos in the best quality and size, access to one of the galleries, choose the photo and on the toolbar tap the icon to enter full screen. You can also start a slide show by tapping the button play, a progress bar will be on to show how much time left until the next photo in the slide show. You can exit the full screen anytime by tapping the Esc button on your computer keyboard, or tap the cross on the toolbar. On a tablet or a mobile phone hit the back button of your device, or also tap the cross on the toolbar.

Sharing Options to Social Media present on the galleries

To share a photo or the gallery, simply tap on the sharing icon on the toolbar. Four options will be displayed to choose to where you wish to share, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest. Currently, for Facebook option only the full gallery can be be shared. Individual photos can be shared to Pinterest or Twitter.

Adjusting and zooming the images in and out

To zoom in or zoom out a photo, tap the magnifying glasses icons on the tool bar in order to adjust the preferred size, on a mobile phone you can also tap twice on the screen. To adjust the image automatically to your screen resolution tap the double square icon on the toolbar.

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